Dušan Marcinko

2D & 3D graphic designer


2D & 3D graphic designer

About me

Most of the time I work as a freelance graphic designer. I have experience in graphic design studios and architectural studios. Graphics fascinates me since 14 years. Since 2011 I lecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Prague computer graphics.

What I do

Like a graphic designer I create printable graphic design of poster, flyer, business card, brochure, package design, illustration and more. Like a 3D graphic I render architectural visualization for architects.

How I work

I prefer analytical method for the design to create a logical graphic design. I work from small details and complex complexity creation of a fully functional client brand.

My strengths

  • love the graphics
  • the overlap in the graphic field of study architecture
  • high-level Photoshop skills that I teach
  • many years of experience with various contracts

Design Skills

Graphic design
Corporate identity
Architectural visualization

Software skills



Zaměstnaní (s) autismem

Poster for documentary movie: Zaměstnaní (s) autismem screenplay: VERONIKA KASTLOVÁ A ONDŘEJ NOVOTNÝ directing: VERONIKA KASTLOVÁ

visualization: House in Trutnov

Model was created by atelier Povětroň. I created most textures and rendered scenes using VRay in Sketchup. Post-production: color correction of materials, depth of field, aberration and vignetting. atelier Povětroň


What I offer

Graphic design

Complete corporate identity or individual graphic products.
Logo, poster, flyers, brochure, business card, package design a more.

3D visualization

Realistic architectural 3D static vizualization, 3D model.


Design web layout, design web with wordpress template.